About US

Who we are
and what we do

Trend Management was born out of a true need in the fashion influencer industry. 

We’re a social media management company brought together by influencers, with a true understanding of finding partnerships that stay on trend. We knew there was a need for a management company that focused on building the influencer’s brand.  Today, with our vast network of partners, Trend Management is gaining traction, building our roster with top talent and helping every influencer we manage to achieve the success we’ve enjoyed by employing strategies tailored around the talent’s goals.

Social Media Influencers

For Influencers

Our team of social strategists will design a multi-platform solution that works best for your brand. Whether you’re an up and coming influencer or an established content creator, we’re here to develop a social narrative that will connect with a broader audience and keep you ahead of the trend.


For Brands

Our network of influencers are vast, and we have a top-tier roster comprised of fashion, travel and lifestyle influencers on social media, with a highly engaged and trusted audience. Whether it be brand awareness or a product launch, we can help develop strategic partnerships that will connect with your target market.

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